Take Time to Learn More on How to Make What You Earn Go As Far As It Can

Like pretty much every other working class family in America, we were looking into ways we could save money. Half the country was happy with the election results, the other half was in a panic. Nothing changed for us either way. We were working very hard and barely getting by. Every single penny we could save would help save us. We decided to learn more about switching energy providers to save some money every month. We were cutting every corner we could. I am mentioning it because there are a whole lot of other families out there in the same boat as us.

Here’s the thing. Companies are not going to call you up and tell you they can give you a lower rate or sign you up for a promotional price to keep you. I learned that you could negotiate things with any company. We missed paying our credit card bill by one day because of an oversight on our part. It was the first time. I called, and they reversed the late fee. It only took five minutes to save $35, and it was my fault we were charged in the first place. Well, that got me thinking about saving on monthly rates for everything from the electricity to the natural gas to even our renter’s insurance.

I would make phone calls when I was not busy or working. My wife would drive when we went to places, and I would make some phone calls. Overall, we lowered our monthly bills enough to give us some breathing room during these hectic and chaotic times. Our health insurance was changing at work, then they announced a wage freeze. Then the overtime evaporated. We both picked up some part time work at another job. You probably know how it is. You just need to take action instead of letting circumstances steam roll you. There are ways to make what you have go farther. Find it.

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